6000 PCR Post-column Reactive system (Di-Reactor)​

The next generation of the port-column reactive system, with the higher sensitivity and lower price.

The 6000 post-column reactive system open the new standards on the performance, price and Modular design of the post-column system. The specific design of the reactor, founded the high performances and the low price of the next generation of the post-column reactive system, it is the 6000 post-column reactive system

System Features

Fast and easy to set up

The installation can be finished by simply interfacing between the chromatographic column and the detector.

Modular design

  • Optional one or two reactive cores.
  • Available to bring about the heating reaction or room temperature reaction.
  • Optional one, two or more reactive agent pumps.
  • Fewer the joints and tube, preventing the leak.
  • All joints are located on the front, making it easy to operate.
  • Auto self-flush to extend the working life of the piston seals.
  • Built-in vent valve. (PEEK)
  • Built-in pressure sensor.
  • Driven by digital motor.
  • Rapid filling with electric compensation.
  • Display: flow rate, pressure setting, Temperature, and status.
  • Digital keypad: flow rate setting, pressure setting, lower/upper limit of pressure setting, and temperature setup.
  • In-flow and closeness reactive core, and the multi-directional flowing guarantees the effectiveness of the mixtures.
  • Digital control on front panel: temperature setting, temperature display, ready display.

Application items

  • Amino acid analysis. (Amino acid, Taurine)
  • Pesticide residues detection. (Carbamates)
  • Herbicide leftover detection. (Glyphosate, Paraquat, Aquacide. etc)
  • Variety of toxin. (Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin, Saxitoxin. etc.)
  • Amino glycosides type, polyether type of antibiotics.

Applied industries

  • Water and soil residues detection.
  • Nutrition analysis, detection of pollution and residues in feed industry.
  • Trophic analysis, detection of toxin and residues in food industry.
  • Monitoring of clinical diagnosis and prenatal screening.
  • Quality control of pharmaceutical and monitor of residues.

Front Panel keyboard and display, convenient to setup

  • The front panel of the reactor shows the setpoint and actual temperatures of the reaction core.
  • Display the flow rate, pressure and pressure limit.
  • The flow rate and temperature of reactor can be controlled either via the front panel, or remotely via RS232.
  • Modular reactive core, only two connectors to exchange the core.
  • Newly designed, sharply decreasing the diffusion of peak.
  • All of the flow paths in the system are totally PEEK.

Reactor Specifications

Specification Value
Flow Rate 0.001-10ml/min
Pressure 0-4000PSI
Flow Path PEEK
Flow Accuracy 0.2%RSD
Flow Precision ±1%
Input Front panel or RS232
Volume of the Reactor 0.15/0.5/1.5ml
Reacting Volume Accuracy ±5%
Temperature Control Range Indoor Temperature +5°C—150°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.4°C
Temperature Precision ±1°C
Temperature Safety Point 160°C
Stability Time 150°C ready and displayed within 30 minutes

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